Thursday, May 11, 2017

I.D dynamic mesh Eyes

Insufferable Dastards Dynamic mesh Eyes

So I.D made new mesh eyes.

I think it is a very good Compromise between plain simple mesh eyes and Catwa mesh eyes System.
The eyes are easy to set and can be resized easily though, i did not have to put much effort into fitting. They were perfectly fitting as soon as i put them on. You need to buy the starter pack to get the eyes and it comes with 8 different color hud.
Blue, blue-green, brown, dark-brown, gray, green, hazel and sunset.

The Hud is also easy to use. Here's what it looks like :

You can pick between different pupil shading and size and also  the shine pattern

There is also 3 add-on pack available and the designer is going to release more add-on and shine pattern soon.
Here's what the 3 currently available looks like: 

(Add-on colors require starter set purchase to get the mesh eyes. You can use the shine options from the starter HUD on the add-on colors!)

These are discounted 25% for VIP group members (for a limited time).

I did really like them and how easy they were to use.
If you also want to get those amazing mesh eyes here's your Taxi!

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